At Well Within we always strive to remain on the cutting-edge of research and healing techniques. Doing so gives us a greater ability to help our patients truly recover, and in a manner that complements their body’s natural abilities. We always seek to do this without requiring synthetic or unnatural interventions.

We carefully research and vet the techniques and products that we incorporate in our care. Some of the methods we use include:

    • Chiropractic adjustments (manual or using an activator or ArthrostimTM)
    • Quantum Neurology
    • NeuroEmotional Technique
    • Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Whole-Food supplements
    • Food/Chemical Sensitivity and Toxicity testing
    • Functional lab reading/testing
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    Historical evidence in paintings from ancient Egypt and Greece have revealed the use of chiropractic to date back thousands of years. For all of these years, chiropractic practitioners have understood that through the realignment of the musculoskeletal system you can promote healing for non-musculoskeletal conditions. While chiropractic is most commonly associated with bringing relief from nerve and spinal irritation in the back and neck,...

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    Food Sensitivities

    You may be aware of the growing trend of food sensitivities and perhaps are even somewhat concerned that it is just a fad. We at Well Within are conscientious of the misunderstandings that can happen when it comes to caring for the body. However, as we have done further research and gained more and more clinical experience, we have found that the growing trend is legitimate and that many chronically ill people are sick because of specific...


    Muscle Testing

    At Well Within we believe strongly in the importance of understanding the complete picture of what is going on with your health. While we use many forms of testing and clinical correlations, one of the important methods that we use to learn about your body is through Applied Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Response Testing, or simply Muscle Testing.

    Muscle testing is a manual, non-invasive technique, used to retrieve information from...


    NeuroEmotional Technique (N.E.T.)

    Your day to day stress - including money matters, relationships, work, and so on - may be involved in the health issues that you are experiencing. Traumas, unresolved emotions, and protective mechanisms can create what we call “emotional complexes.” Within the body’s physiology, these “complexes,” stored through the body’s use of neuropeptides, can result in any number of undesirable symptoms. Not only is this possible, but the effects on...

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    For your body to maintain optimal health, it is essential that you receive the nutritional building blocks used to heal and thrive. We cannot emphasize more strongly the importance of this basic fact. More and more we find people are nutritionally deficient, and consequently, very sick.

    Our food supply has been changed dramatically over the past few decades, and while in part this was done with the best of intentions, it has lead to...


    Quantum Neurology

    The nervous system is the master regulator and main communicator of the body. When there is a breakdown in this vital communication system you can have any number of symptoms including pain, weakness, tingling, loss of function, loss of motion, headaches, sensation changes, balance issues, memory deficits, aberrant emotions, digestive issues and more. Our bodies are remarkable and will adapt to the weaknesses that we all have on some level....

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